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Where did all your time go?

The management of your rental properties is overwhelming

From rent collection to various repair and maintenance tasks, the purchase of a rental property carries a large workload. You have seized an investment opportunity, but the daily management of these buildings consumes all your time and energy.

Make your life easier

Seek measurable expertise

Chester helps you set all the pieces in the right place in order to achieve your financial goals. A solution for all your needs.

  • Tenant management (leases, complaints, Régie du logement, etc.)
  • Income maximisation
  • Accounting standardization
  • Preventive maintenance, emergency repair and renovations management

Get the most out of your investment

An adaptive approach for your success

Regardless of your owner profile, our real estate management solution is tailored to your reality and faithful to your vision. Our team of advisors will help you develop a durable investment management strategy. From there, Chester takes care of the plan for you. It's both simple and profitable.

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